Website Design / Website Development
Project Overview
A website for a client that required a professional online presence for engaging with corporate clients.
My Contributions
  • Creating overall site look and feel.
  • Information Architecture.
  • Site copywriting.
  • Implementing a responsive site in Webflow.
To help present the business online, determine content and an aesthetic that suited the company's logo (which was supplied).
User's Brief
Guide and implement.
Aug 2017 — forever
Problems to address with the site:
  • How to explain the company's extensive expertise in their niche service.
  • How to make their message clear and easy to follow.
  • How to encourage client leads.
User's Problem
Show the company's high level of skill and experience.
Aug 2017 — forever
This project used a Webflow template, however it was still beneficial to go through a prototyping phase. This helped determine how best to use the template and allow user changes to be quick and easy before implementation. Especially since they did not have pre-written content and required guidance. The following steps were taken:
  • Consultation with the client, allowing them to state what they wanted to communicate.
  • The client was given some main talking points that they could write further on.
  • The clients text was put into a text file and was edited into sections and pages.
  • Sketch mock-ups were created so that the client could step through the site and detail changes easily.
Show user flows and allow for client collaboration.
Aug 2017 — forever
The site began with the use of a template from the Webflow template store. With the content already determined and prototypes based on the template design layouts, the development of the site was quite quick and straight forward. The template still had a number of changes to fit the theme and layout requirement. There was also the need to find images that best represented each section.
Fast development with a template and Webflow.
Aug 2017 — forever
The client was very happy with the result and felt like their business was communicated well and that they had a professional site they could now use with large corporate clients. They were also delighted with the process, stating that they felt really listened to and got exactly what they wanted.
End Result
Very happy client.
Aug 2017 — forever